Saturday, August 27, 2005

I Have A Voice...

I was asked about how I felt about our military being in Iraq. I had to give it some thought. Not because I don't have an already formed opinion on the subject. But because I wanted to express that opinion as clearly as possible. This is what I think.

In this country I do not have to agree with my government. I do not have to agree with its elected leaders or their policies. I do not have to agree with all the laws that govern me. But I do have a voice. I am able to express my feelings about all of the above. And if I so choose to, I can take that one step further and go inside a voting booth and send a message loud and clear to my governments leaders and to my countrymen and tell them exactly how I feel. If I do not like the way my country is being run. I have the option to try and change it.

I am an almost 19 year old female who has the right to dress how I choose. Play the music I choose. Pray if I choose. Travel freely through out my country if I so choose. Live where I choose. And If I want to visit another country, step outside my country's borders should I choose to do so. I can become anything I want to be and I am only limited by my morality, the laws of my government and my ambition.

As an individual, I could not stand idly by and watch another human be abused or violated. As a nation we can not in good conscience do that either. Everyone should be given the right to have their own voice. To be heard and to be able to decide who they want to govern them. How they want that government to work. And to make the laws that will best suit its peoples needs. We cannot put our head in the sand and pretend we are an island. We share this world and with it comes the responsibility that when we see an injustice, to stand up and say "This is wrong and it wont be allowed". What happens in the world is not just our problem alone, it is everyone's.

I will not insult the women and men of my country who put on a uniform by trying to second guess the value of whether they should or should not be in Iraq. They are there. And as long as they are..It is my place to be loyal and to support them. They have an often thankless, sometimes dangerous and difficult job to do. The very least they deserve, is the support of their own people as they do it. I was once told true courage is not being fearless, but meeting your fear and still doing the right thing. It may not take courage to put on the uniform, but it does take courage to do the job while in it. To those who do it every day. I thank you.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


No explanation necessary here...

Sounds like a lot of money...
But it does say there's a view...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lost And Found....

I have written a few posts lately about people who had less than their share of moral character, intelligence or parenting skills. This story gave me a little hope that all is not lost.

Today a woman walking across a parking lot on her way to buy a bus pass, found a bag that contained $800 in cash, two paychecks, and a Dailey planner. The lady in question, not only found the owner the property belonged to, but returned it contents intact.

That all by itself is pretty amazing,...... An honest person. But to me the story is even more impressive when you find that the honest woman is also a homeless mother of five. All of whom are now currently living in a homeless shelter. She was buying the bus pass so it would be easier to get to her minimum wage job at one of the local fast food places. I am sure that this woman could have really used that money. Supporting five children on a minimum wage is impossible. Who are we kidding? Anyone who's worked a minimum wage job will tell you its not really enough to support the person working it. Let alone a child.

I guess this lady thought that honesty and values were more important than her personal needs. You know, she maybe having a hard time in her life right now. But today she spoke to her children loud and clear in the example she set for them by her actions.

She could just sit back and complain that life has dealt her a raw deal, leaving her homeless with five children to support. But instead she's found an honest job doing what she can for her family. Most of the world may view her as a poor homeless mother of five. I see her as priceless.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

In Memory...1987-2003

The town we live in is small. Everyone knows everyone else. When the 3:00 bell rings, the place is jumping. Parents picking up their children, students going to the days practice, or up to the local store to get that bag of chips and cold drink before they go off home or to what ever plans they had next.

That's the last place I saw her. We were both up at the store getting something to drink. We spoke to each other for 5 or 10 minutes before she and her boyfriend climbed in his truck and took off to where ever they were going and I walked next door to my appointment.

Two miles out side of town, the white cross on the side of the highway marks the place where it happened. They were doing 80 when they hit the back of the school bus. The force drove the pickup truck up under the bus. Later they found out it wasn't just the speed they were going, but brake failure that caused the accident. Fortunately other than the trauma of being in an accident like that and a few cuts and bruises all of the children on the bus that day were alright. My friend wasn't so lucky. She broke her neck and died instantly. Her boyfriend, who was driving survived. Although he wont ever be the same, hitting your face against a windshield at 80 will do that. But the scars on his face are nothing compared to what he feels knowing he was driving and she died.

The accident was almost two years ago. The day after she turned 16. Today I saw her dad and little sister in town. Her sister is getting older and looks so much like her its scary. Her dad seemed like he was doing good. Her mom, I hear isn't doing as well, she doesn't leave her bedroom very much.

What I remember is that she was soooooo tall..legs that went on forever. Beautiful blonde and getting prettier the older she got. (She looks like her mom.) She was kind, never had a bad word to say about anyone. She had a wicked sense of humor and was loved all who knew her.

This post is in loving memory of my friend. My prayers are still with her family.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

You Own It, But Can You Operate It?

Common sense..Your probably an owner, but can you operate it? That may sound like a stupid question I suppose. But more and more I read things and see things that make me ask myself what are they thinking?

Recently I have seen a few stories about individuals who decided for what ever reason being a thief was the way to go. This wouldn't be my first choice as a career path, but that's just me. And I realize if you are choosing to be a thief your common sense is probably already lacking. But at least try! Do not rob a home and then have to call for a ride...Or break in and decide that now is the time to take a little nap (yes someone actually did both of these things). Maybe I shouldn't be giving advise on how to be a criminal. But it seems to me the point is to get in, get what you want and get out again with out being caught. The more time you spend in the place your robbing the more your chance of being caught increases...DUH...I think if your objective is to be a successful thief, if there is such a thing, then not getting caught might be something you want to consider. However, I suppose if your objective is to be caught, then you're probably going about things just the right way. I know prison probably looks really appealing. Free roof over your head, food, job, TV to watch and some big guy who thinks you're just the sweetest thing. I can see how all this would be an attractive calling card to some people.

But what about this woman, who got head lice from her school age children and heard that kerosene would kill them. After treating herself to a kerosene shampoo she decides having a smoke is a good idea. Can you say flammable? If not you better be able to dial 911.

Or the woman who wanted to do a little shoplifting and when trying to get out of the store drops her handbag. Then later goes to the police department to claim it. They arrested her..Can you imagine that?

Why do you think they need to put warning labels on plastic bags telling you not to put them on your head they might cause suffocation? Its for people like this. You may own some common sense but you have NO idea how to operate it.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Woman Walks Into A Bar....

A woman enters a bar already drunk with a baby in a carrier. When the bartender sees her he can tell she's not in any shape to be there so he tells her to leave...Which she does.... Forty some minutes later one of the bars patrons leaves the same bar and sees the baby in the car strapped into its carrier....Mother passed out in the front seat. The bartender calls 911.. The customers in the bar are able to open the car and remove the baby in its carrier from the car all with out waking the mother. When the police get there......They find the mother passed out, baby with the customers, empty baby bottle in the back seat next to an empty beer bottle....

The police arrest this woman for child endangerment.....duh you think? Her parents already have her oldest which they are raising.. Now it looks like they get to keep the baby too. But the thing that really gets me. Her dad when questioned says She is really an excellent mother its just that she's keeping some bad company these days.

OK now I'm taking deep breaths and counting to 10 because this story really truly pisses me off. I know some people fight their personal addictions. I realize alcoholism is a disease. I have no sympathy for someone regardless of their addiction when they put a child at risk. And if you want me to be really cold blooded about this, her dad needs to have his ass kicked too. He and his wife maybe raising the kids and I will give them that one. But he's enabling this woman to keep doing what she's doing by making excuses for her behavior by saying its the company she's keeping. I don't care if its the drinking, drugs or whatever.......SHE IS AN ADULT...And not just an adult a mother. Those kids didn't ask to be brought into this world. If they can count on no one else, they should be able to rely on their mother for protection and safety.

Some where along the line we have become a society of excuse makers. Are you any less guilty of a crime if you were under the influence when you did it? I say hell no it doesn't. Look if you have a problem seek help. Being ill isn't a free pass.

I had a good mom. I'm lucky. She drove me absolutely nuts, but she at least loved and protected me. She also told me.. You know right from wrong. If you make mistakes you own up to them, fix them if you can and learn from them so you don't repeat them. I may act like I wasn't listening but I was.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed...

I know that we in the south get accused occasionally of not being the sharpest tools in the shed. I will even go so far as to say in some cases they are right in that assessment. And here's the poster child proving this fact.

A 23 year old Georgia man and his 18 year old female friend decide they are going to break into the house of local resident who had been out of town for a few days. They took some jewelry, cell phone, checkbook and some credit cards. Sounds pretty run of the mill right? Ok here's where he lost some IQ points. He calls his mom from the residence when he's ready to leave to...Get this...To ask her to come pick him up. I would love to know how that conversation went.."Hey Mom yea its me...Hey we just robbed this place and its late and we really could use a ride home..How bout it"?

When the resident who owned the house returned home on Sunday.. And realized shed been robbed, I guess for what ever reason picked up the phone hit the redial button calling the felons mommy. Who explained who she was and that her son had indeed called from that phone when he needed a ride home. The mother said she refused to pick them up. (good going mom) The young felons not getting the ride, spent the night in a motel. When they checked out the next morning the police were waiting for them. They apparently still had all the stolen merchandise in their possession. They were both charged, they both claimed innocents and then promptly pointed the finger at each other...Damn you just cant depend on anyone anymore can you?

To the Georgia boy: here's some advise sport..When you get that one phone call, don't call mom. Apparently she wont come pick you up.

Information from: Times-Georgian,

Saturday, August 13, 2005

"Well Behaved Women Don't Make History"

I recently heard this quote used. "Well Behaved Women Don't Make History" It got me thinking. Do I really want to go through life never making a mistake? First of all I cant. No one can. Secondly, if I'm not out in the world where mistakes happen, then how will I ever become who I am supposed to be?

This past year, the world has seemed huge and over overwhelming to me. I have not had any idea of where I would go next and it seemed safest to just stay still and tread water. But I have begun to realize this head in the sand mentality isn't going to take me anywhere. I was feeling intimidated by the fact that everyone seemed to have a plan for their future except me. The few interests I had, photography and writting seemed very far out of reach. Both of these felt as if they were more of "Pie In The Sky" type day dreams than something I could actually obtain. More recently, I have gotten some advise from a couple of people (I will say friends) new to my life. They have helped me put a few things into perspective about the world.

First of all....Its not quite as large as I once thought it was. I have learned that I'm not alone in making mistakes or figuring out my life. That there are a lot of people all over the world in the same boat I'm in, asking the same questions of themselves. Both of these friends said to learn from my past experiences and use them to move toward a future. Saying basically learn from your screw ups and move on. This is good advise. Lets face it we all make mistakes. Its how we choose to deal with those mistakes and use them in our life that matters. I don't like falling on my ass, but I'm sure I will a few more times before its over. Not being afraid of the fall is half the battle. As long as I get back up isn't that the important part? I may not be making history, but I am making progress.

To the couple of people out there who gave me this good advise. Thank you. Sometimes you need to hear it from someone else who's already been there for it to sink in.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Monogamy....Not Just A Bored Game

I have a few male friends, who are all used to me being around, so they usually talk pretty freely in front of me. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the topic of conversation. The other day I was listening to a group of them all talking, of course the topic got around to women. One of them speaks up and declares he is off the market. He's been with a long time girl friend off and on for the past three years. I guess he's decided they are currently on again. His friend beside him then speaks up..."Man I couldn't do that. I would get bored with the same piece of ass all the time"

OK...... Here we go. First of all, if your referring to your current female interest as a "piece of ass", Houston we have a problem. Secondly, while I will agree that monogamy isn't for everyone. I do not agree with the statement made next, that its impossible for a guy to be monogamous. That its not in the nature of males to be with one person.

BULL!!!! If we are the higher life form on this planet and have evolved to what we would like to refer to as a civilized society. Then I will have to assume we are above behaving like animals. We have brains and we reason and think. So there for, its a matter of self discipline, self respect, and consideration for our partners. The problem I have with the above mentioned mentality, is the thinking that its a free pass to behave badly. Its saying, well I'm a guy, all guys are dogs, so what do you expect. Well I expect you to think with the big brain above your waist.....I expect you to act like a man.....A HU-MAN, not an animal and treat me the same as I would treat you. If you choose not to be monogamous fine! I'm not saying you have to be. But just admit you aren't and be done with it. Instead of using some lame excuse as to why you don't have it in you to be faithful to the person your currently with.

Besides the obvious if you truly care for someone, remaining faithful to them shouldn't be a huge hardship. There are also the health risks you encounter by engaging in multiple partners. Not to mention the off chance you could reproduce and spread that joy that is YOU. And unless you decide to abstain completely, there is no birth control that I know of that is 100% effective against any of the above. So for those of you who think Monogamy is boring. Or the board game.. Don't be surprised at some point if you hear those three little words......... "Who's Your Daddy"?

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Arts and Crafts...

This was sent to me by a friend in an email..Who received it from another friend and so on...I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to share it......

Good Intentions ....

Teachers' good intentions go amuck!!! An elementary school class started a class project to make a planter to take home to their parents. They wanted to have a plant in it that was easy to take care of, so they decided to use cactus plants. The students were given green ware pottery planters in the shape of a clown which they painted with glaze. The clown planters were professionally fired at a class outing so they could see the process. It was great fun. They place cactus seeds in the finished planters and they grew nicely. But unfortunately the children were not allowed to take them home. The cactus plants were removed and small ivy replaced them and the children were then allowed to take them home instead. The teacher said cactus seemed like a good idea at the time!

See planters below..

This Isnt For Everyone Just A Few...

If your mother taught you manners and to be considerate of others around you. This is not for you. If you have self respect and an IQ that is more than a single digit. This is not for you. But.....If you're motto in life is "Tell her lies and feed her candy" in your approach to women. Its YOU I'm talking to.

I have to tell you, I'm fed up with you. I am tired of you grabbing my ass as I walk by. I am tired of you approaching me and asking me if I would like to perform a sexual act for you. I am tired of being called a Bitch when I ball up my little fist and hit you in the jaw for grabbing said ass. By the way that didn't happen until you were repeatedly asked to knock off for mentioned behavior.

I guess some people don't know the meaning of the word NO. I realize women have notoriously sent mixed signals to men over the years. I however, am not one of those women, and since you didn't see me behaving all shy, coyly giggling when this all occurred, you can pretty much bet I wasn't flirting with you. My NO, actually means NO. If you want to run through women like a box of Kleenex, and you can find women willing to listen to that crap, then by all means, more power to you. I however, am not that girl.

Just for the record, because I turned you down, doesn't mean I must be a lesbian or frigid. I have nothing against lesbians. I am just not attracted to women sexually. Nor am I frigid. Far from it. When the right person comes along, I can assure you, I will know exactly what to do and how to show him how I feel. I am a person who wants more from sex than a one night stand. I expect more from a guy than a bunch of games and lines.

I can not speak for every woman in the world. I do not want to. I am but one person with my own opinions and views of this world. So all of the above is only how I feel. BUT, if this is all you have to offer me is your knuckle dragging, ass grabbing sexual lines and innuendo. Then keep your ass walking by me, I am not worth your time. I am not the kind of girl who feels the need to run to her boyfriend or another guy friend to tell him all about how you were rude to me. I like to handle situations for myself. So don't take my lack of reporting your behavior as a sign that I liked it. Take it more as a sign that I hate a lot of "DRAMA". I realize part of the problem is that there are some girls out there who think YOU are just too cute and are actually flattered to have you approach them in this manner. I just wish they were wearing name tags so you could identify which ones were going to love your attempts and leave me the hell alone.

You know, its easy to find someone who wants your body. Its harder to find someone who wants your heart. Id rather have a guy who wants the latter. The guy who's going to get me to melt like butter is the one who's willing to touch my heart, not trying grab my ass. Someone who wants to treat me like I'm more to him than just his flavor of the week.

To all of you guys out there who get what I'm talking about and understand...Thank you for your patience and you're manners and your quiet understanding. When I meet you in public I may not always comment on these qualities, but make no mistake they are noticed and I admire you for them.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Who Am I? This Is What I Know So Far

WHO AM I? Well I'm most definitely southern.....Born and raised. The twang in my ya'll will tell you that.
I am blonde.....And while I may occasionally appear reality challenged. I'm not totally insane.
I'm a fisher-mam....I can bait my own hook, remove the fish, and cast my own line. Although I am slightly competitive. Ok, maybe a little more than slightly. I have a deep need to either catch the biggest or the most fish. And if I don't, well its not pretty. I used to fish a lot more often till my grandma's pond disappeared one night into a sink hole. Water. Fish everything gone. Nothing left but a row boat and a big hole. It was traumatic.
I love words....And now because of some people, I wont mention any names (AJT). I believe I am severely addicted to blogging. I'm thinking a 12 step program of some kind is in order.
I love taking pictures.....I will probably be annoying all my family and friends by having a camera with me pretty much 24/7. If your around me its probably a Kodak moment.
I am fiercely loyal.... To my friends and my family. Even the insane ones. And while I have a few issues with trust, lying really pisses me off. I try and stay hopeful.
I am low matainance.....Or at least I think I am. I'm ok with going to Mickey D's. That's fine dining to me. I enjoy simple things, Hanging out with my friends sitting around a fire, telling lies and laughing. I'm definitely a jeans and t-shirt girl.
I have dreams for the future......But I just don't know what they are yet. Right now, I'm just a non-profit slacker. Because lets face it, being a slacker doesn't pay real well. I do however excel at it. And I feel that even though there's no profit, being a slacker provides an valuable service to the world. With out slackers, all of the over achievers out there would have no measure of their success. After all, how can you tell how far you have climbed up on the ladder if you don't know where the bottom is? Hello...That's me...That's right...No applause necessary but cards and letters are more than welcome.
OH and I don't take myself too seriously...I think that's good advise for anyone. The END.