Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The First Two Weeks

I have just completed my first two weeks of college! Yes friends and neighbors that's right..I am matriculating my little southern butt off. And I have to tell you that I LOVE IT!

Yes I know its only been a couple of weeks..But so far I am really enjoying the entire experience. I also think that while a lot of people might not have understood my reluctance to start college right after graduation..I think because I waited I am now really prepared and ready for what comes next. Unlike a few of my new classmates who seem to be dragging into class each day....unprepared and unenthusiastic about being there. I on the other hand have kicked into over achiever mode..and have found myself doing assignments early just to stay ahead of things. If you want me to be honest..there was at time not so long ago that I would have hated the kid like me in class. But what can I say..I'm happy to be there and it shows.

So would you like to know what I have discovered in my first two weeks of higher learning...

First ~

Ladies drink free! Yes I know....I was shocked too!! But apparently this is not only common but something well advertised on college campuses. I myself received at least a dozen flyer's on my very first day. Each one inviting me to club openings and organizations recruiting new members....all emphasizing the fact that ladies drink free.

I later discovered that this wasn't because as a female I am any better than my male counter parts. Apparently this is just a very calculated ploy to get young men to come these events. You see, young men seem to look for chances to meet young women...And since men usually spend far more money on alcohol than women do and semi intoxicated women are much friendlier to be around...(go figure) They encourage young women to attend these social events by letting them obtain their adult beverages for free. Very clever.


I have discovered..that I have a need to be agreed with. Yes I know this one was another shocker for me. I had this revelation when completing an assignment for my college studies class. I being the eager freshman that I am, put a great deal of thought into my opinions used for this paper. I sat and chose my words to support my arguments carefully....I skillfully wrote my paper and was very pleased with the way it turned out. As it so happens, my professor liked it too because I received an A+ for my efforts. You would think that I would be happy wouldn't you? Not so...

In the margin of my paper my professor had written a paragraph or so telling me that while my paper was well written...he didn't agree with my opinions. That there were many out there who were of the same mind as I was and would agree with my thinking....but he was not one of them.


What does he mean he doesn't agree with me? How could he not after reading what could only be considered one of my best researched and well written works. Does this man understand what this means? Does he even know who hes dealing with? I think not!

I would like to say that I have since gotten over this....but the truth is I have not. I have also noticed that I and about four other students regularly get comments in the margins of our papers. In fact I will go as far as to say that it happens with pretty much every assignment given. I had thought that maybe I was being singled out at first. Possibly this professor didn't care for me for some unknown reason. I quickly crossed that off my list..since as you well know by now..I'm extremely sweet. So not liking me wasn't it. Besides that..I continue to make A's on all my assignments.

So what is up with all the comments? Is he just one of those individuals who is never completely satisfied? Could he be the type who just feels the need to get in the last word? Why have they given this man a red pen?

These questions are just a few of the many I hope to have answered in the next few months. I have high hopes to have this professor straightened out completely before its all over. You know me..its only a matter of time..they all see the light eventually.

Did I mention that I love college? *smile*