Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello World

Yes I know its been awhile. I'm sorry Ive neglected you. So how are you? Hows the family? Read any good books lately? Heard any music that has your heart pumping? What do you think about whats going on in the world right now?

In case you wondered, I'm doing fine. Still in school and on the deans list. Or I was until I hit a small academic pot hole called Math. It has been suggested that I might be mathematically challenged if you can believe that. But I'm not going to allow this to slow down my forward momentum...I feel fairly confident that given enough time and chocolate I will conquer this minor set back as well.

I did have a small epiphany of sorts...I just realized how now being mentally ready for school has made such a huge difference in the way I view the entire process. I know now that I made the right choice to wait. Had I started a couple of years ago, I might be farther along with my goals...But I don't think I would have gotten as much out of the experience as I am now.

I just recently had to purchase a new laptop. My old one, my favorite piece of technology and good friend to me, finally died a quick and silent death. Please observe a moment of silence now....May it rest in peace.

The new laptop is OK...but its new. I haven't quite gotten used to the foreign feeling of the key board..or the sounds it makes..and it has windows VISTA! I have to tell you, this was not a selling point in its favor. I do not care for this new version. In fact I will go as far as to say it BITES. However, I will concede that possibly the ill feelings I have for this Operating System are due to me being a creature of habit who enjoys the familiar. Not that I cant adapt to change..I can and I guess I will. But its not a change I would have taken willingly. So DAMN YOU Bill Gates! If its not broke stop trying to fix it.

On a national note...Gas prices have decreased along with interest rates...which would be a wonderful thing by themselves. Unfortunately in this case its merely a sign that our economy is sick and circling the bowl. Which in turn makes for a weaker dollar and a weaker nation....SO that sound you hear..that gurgle...that's the sound of our nation choking. And I'm not sure what it will take to breath life back into to it.

Yes I know...Its time for a change. Isn't that the mantra of the day? Well maybe it is time for changes to be made. Perhaps its time to do some house cleaning and get rid of the old school way of conducting business. And it seems as though the the vast majority seem to think since we have been free thinking and open enough as a nation to finally elect the first black American into the highest office this country can offer that we are all on the right track to make those changes. I'm not so sure.

I have many concerns about our new leader and I wont deny I didn't care for him as a candidate for president. I will concede that he has a charismatic way of speaking that draws people in...I'm just not quite convinced he is who he has portrayed himself to be. I have concerns that he like most others before him have spun a public persona that was intended to win the support of the public and get him into the oval office. Which what happens now?

I am not like so many others who would like to see him crash and burn. I don't want this because ultimately I know if he fails...then we as a country will fail too. And I want our country to recover and thrive. But I worry that to many see him as the political equivalent of the messiah...someone who will walk on water and turn the water into wine. I am concerned that we are putting to much emphasis on the fact he is a black man. As if this is going to change what he can do for us as a nation. I am concerned that this fact alone is a double edge sword. On one hand there will be those who put him under a microscope to dissect his every move in minute detail...and wait to pounce on each mistake. And then there will be those who think he can do no wrong and will make allowances and excuses for any bad behavior or wrong choice.

I am not blind to the historical significance of it all. But I am not swayed by the color of the mans skin either. Show me you can do the job. Show me you are a man of character. Then Ill support you all the way. But I have to be far you haven't shown me much in either of those departments. But I will wait and see like everyone else and hope for the best.

His choice of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State didn't do much to sway me in his favor. He tapped a woman who not only has the most minimal experience and expertise internationally.....But also a woman who claimed she was met with sniper fire during her trip to Bosnia....when in fact the only thing she was greeted with was a small child with a flower. Her retelling of that story repetitively during her campaigning shows me she is not an honest individual. Not that I ever thought she was. But do we want someone like that as our Secretary of State?

I have to also wonder if this promotion was in anyway a response to Ms Clinton bringing her support and those voters that would have followed her to the Obama side of ticket? Washington has always been a city of favors done and favors given. We will see.