Thursday, December 27, 2007

"So Its Like That"

Im about to vent a if you dont want to hear it...just step aside...

The dance that men and women do when it comes to dating and sex is as old as time...I know over the years the idea of whats acceptable and unacceptable as far as the dating /sexual pick up line has changed. In my opinion not always for the better.

But I would like to meet the guy who came up with the phrase "So its like that"? Who was this guy? And when did his fellow male peers decide this one was a keeper?

Since Ive been in college Ive been exposed to assorted social events. Inevitably anytime you are out and about where social adult beverages are being consumed you are more than likely subject to the random flirtation or pick up line from the opposite sex. This is to be expected. But Id like to know what brain child decided that the best way to guilt a woman who's probably already declined your most generous invitation of carnal pleasure into changing her mind about having sex was to say to her "So its like that"

"So its like that Jen" ??? Hell yes its like that dumb ass....

Do you really think that I'm afraid to let you know it is indeed "like that"? I have to wonder how many women were of such low self esteem and or socially afraid to let you know that it was "like that" for them as well? Because the thing about lines like these is they wouldn't be used or popular if somewhere some place it wasn't working for them. Speaking as a female...that all in itself is sort of sad when you think about it.

Just for the record...I'm not quite sure what exactly"that" is...Or why it being "like that" is such a bad thing. But if you have nothing better to offer me than some lame attempt to make me feel guilt by using this line on me.....Save yourself the effort and time. Because friends and neighbors..for this girl It most certainly is "like that"...and If and when that changes...The guy in question wont have to ask me if "its like that" to find that out.