Friday, January 13, 2006

What Are They Thinking?

I am fascinated by stories that are sooo weird but true none the less....I cant help but share one when I hear about it or read it...This was on the local afternoon news...

Sometimes You Get The Mouse.. Sometimes The Mouse Gets You

A guy decides to dispose of a mouse he's just caught inside his home. Instead of just placing this mouse outside..Or even putting him in a trash receptacle of some kind...He decides the best course of action is to put said mouse on top of a pile of leaves he's got burning outside. Which he does...

The mouse..Who apparently isn't dead...But only stunned..Decides burning to death isn't what he had planned for his day...As his fur starts to catch on fire...He runs off the pile of burning leaves and heads straight back toward what used to be his home and shelter...The mans house.

The mouse had never been instructed on the STOP, DROP AND ROLL method in the event he should catch on fire...So when the flaming mouse gets into the house...He promptly catches the house on fire....Before the fire department or the man who owns the house in question can do anything about it...The entire house is engulfed in flame and burns to the ground.

There has to be a moral to this story...But to be honest I just cant think of what it could be at this moment.

Mummy Dearest

The other weird story of the day involved the mummified body of a woman. The woman police believe had to have been dead for approximately 2 1/2 years.

Ok, well they unfortunately find dead people all the time....And while mummified is a little unusual...The part that creeped me out...Was that this lady was found in the upstairs part of her home...

She had said she did not want to be buried when she died...Her family took this seriously...So they just left her sitting in a chair and turned on an air conditioner...Closed the door and continued to live in the bottom half of the house.

Now this story....EWWWWWWWWWWWW on so many levels I don't know if I can pick just one. The fact that her body mummified is interesting to me on a curiosity scientific sort of level.

But the question I have, is how could you continue to live in a house where you knew Mom or Auntie Elvira...Was slowly decomposing upstairs while I was eating my frosted flakes downstairs?

I'm not sure how the science works here...But I do know that most things as they decompose start to produce a smell from the gases of that decomposition...Doesn't this happen when someone mummifies? And if so..That alone would have made me rethink just shutting the door and going back to my business.

Im sorry but ewwwwwww

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Becareful What You Wish For...

Hello Everyone!

I have been getting some messages from some of my friends out there telling me that I'm taking my job of non-profit slacker far to seriously and that I needed to post something new.

So to those of you who wanted something new..All I can say to you is..."Becareful what you ask for, You might just get it"

I hope everyone is well so far in this 2006 New Year...And that everyone made it through New Years Eve without requiring medical attention or bail money. I had a good time with friends and went out a little bit...I didn't get myself into any trouble I'm proud to say..But I did manage to kick some natural butt in Poker.

Yes that's right...Now you know another one of my vices...I like to play poker...On New Years Eve...The gods were smiling down on me...Because my friends and neighbors, I am here to tell you..That this girl could do NO wrong. Every single card I touched that evening was gold in my hands. I played hand after hand and each one was better than the last.

Now some might say that the reason I did so well was the condition or the skill of my competition. And while I cant say for sure if this is the case, I will have to concede it could have something to do with it.

But there was something satisfying to see this 5'2" inch..120 pound girl kick some butt out of some bad talking big old hairy boys who think as a rule they are poker gods...It was a beautiful thing.

My very last hand of the night..It was down to me and one other guy. He thought he had me beaten. He had a full house...Queens and Jacks...Until I laid down my cards...FULL HOUSE....KINGS AND ACES!!!! Who says there is no poetry in simple things?

From what I have read some of my fellow bloggers have started their prospective New Years with a bang...I have read a few of their blogs and gotten a few emails with details of such. Looks like Jenn has gotten her new Year off on the right track..Congratulations about going to Day Shift...I know your little boy is going to love that.

JG Stephan I have been told consumed some burnt punch...He also played some poker and went out with a few friends...And also had the poker gods smiling down on him. He and I have decided he must be my brother from another mother...We are too much alike. Maybe this is so..We both have the poker thing going

Dreadcow, while in Iraq right now..Is doing well. Considering his location and his job. I'm happy that we still are able to keep in touch and that I get to hear about his life there. It makes me realize how lucky I am to be here in this country. How lucky I am to have a friend like him. If there is one thing I can count on with Dreadcow...If you ask him a question..You get a straight forward answer....He is my reality check. (Be safe)

If you happen to be wondering whats going on much farther south...I mean waaayyyyy SOUTH......Check out the new photos on Adrians "Off My Blog" My Photos....You wont have to ask why he hasn't posted in a while...the pictures speak for themselves...I'm sorry I missed that

Im just kidding Adrian : )

Hes actually been pretty busy....Hes got a new job that he just started in this New Year...and a new apartment. If you check out the pictures you will see that being back in South Africa is obviously working for him..He looks great! Although I still get to talk to him pretty frequently... I still miss his blog posts a lot...and hope the internet situation gets itself worked out soon so he can get back to it. (Ek varlang na jou)

To the rest of my fellow bloggers who I haven't had the chance to hear from or read about..How's it going so far for you? Give me a shout and let me hear from you..Id like to hear how the New Year has been treating you thus far.

I have missed you all.