Sunday, October 02, 2005

Its That Time....

Ok if you've been here before you might notice some changes.....Yep, that's right I'm a Halloween freak. Actually as far as I'm concerned October kicks off the holiday season as I know it. First off we have my birthday, which is not nationally known as a holiday,...At least not yet. But its still pretty important to me. This lasts a full month.....Of parties, shopping and friends and family showing the love...Does this sound a bit self involved? If so..GOOD! It should be..... I love birthdays. Not just mine everybody's....So if you have a birthday in October...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... FROM ME.

Then we have the month ending in one of my all time favorite holidays Halloween. I know there are a lot of people who feel this one is evil. The devils holiday..blah blah blah....If this is your point of view. You are entitled to it. I respect your right to it and I wish you well. I however have loved it ever since I was a kid. I loved the whole costume thing. The being out at night, the large bag of candy and assorted loot I would come home with. How can you not love that?....Plus...Its spooky...And I have always loved the scary. The pretend scary anyway. There are far to many real life monsters to be scared of.....No point in worrying about the ones in my closet. If you know what I mean..

Once my all time two favorite holidays are through, we are now moving on to the holiday of true
gluttony...Thanksgiving....The holiday where you can get together with family you see only once or twice a year....Eat large amounts of food.....That no human should ever consume in one sitting, and then sleep it off. Tell the truth....The left overs are the best part anyway aren't they? Cold turkey sandwiches...White bread, Mayo...Its almost a religious experience its so good... I realize that people reading this from other parts of the country have other thanksgiving traditions or food they enjoy. My Stepdad's family for example, used to have homemade lasagnia...There just seems something wrong with that idea...I just don't know.....

Then...Its time for Santa Claus...Yes I know, it has nothing to do with a guy in a big red suit...Its about the son of god..Jesus birth..The virgin Mary, the wise men, bright star in the sky. I know the story and I respect the true meaning of the holiday. But I grew up with Santa...And this girl says"If its not broke, don't fix it"... Its been working for me so far....I will keep it.

Then we have New Years Day(football and munchies)....Easter(Chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs)...And Valentines Day(more candy). No wonder a persons butt gets big.....

As you might have guessed I am living from holiday to holiday at this time of year. I realize a lot of people are frustrated and fed up during the holidays...But this girl isn't one of them...I am up for it and ready...To quote a friend of mine... BRING IT ON!


Adrian said...

Every day with you is a holiday in my book! : )

Jen said...

Awwwww thank you sweetie. Let the celebration
lief vir jou

JgStephan said...

Your new Blog design is great, I love the cat eyes!

Halloween isn't very common in Germany. This year I am invited to a Halloween party first time. I don't know as what I shall me dress up and I look certainly also more scary without costume. ;)

Jen said...

WOW! Your first Halloween party? Well my advise to you is be creative and have fun with the costume thing. It doesnt have to be scary..I doubt seriously that you are scary with out costume..LOL But if your wanting to feel better about that...Ill find a picture of what I look like when I roll out of bed in the morning..That will make you feel alot better..LOL And who knows I maybe scary enough that it will inspire a costume idea : )

JgStephan said...

You don't believe me? Then I must show myself next week in my Blog. I am not photogenic...

I would be curious about your "morning photo". You look certainly good even in the morning.

Stu-man said...

how sweet kwasie thinks shes hot !




Lia said...

Happy bithday, Jen, and enjoy all those holidays - it sounds like you have the holiday spirit up and running.

Edge said...

Thank you very much for my Happy Birthday on the 16th. It is the most wonderful month. I think they wrote that Christmas song "It's the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year," in October and had to re-write it for Christmas.

Say, Jen, can I do an interview of you for my blog? I'll send the questions ahead of time. Just send me an email (top right of my blog).


Jen said...

Nope cant say I believe that youre that scary. So yes I guess youll have to provide I however can back up my claim..wait and see..

Are you attempting to give me a hard time? lol
Thanks for the Happy Birthday sweetie. Its very appreciated! Im hoping that I end the holidays in the cape too : ) Im working on it, To Quote someone we all know and love "Im making a plan".

Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday! Yes you are so right Im ready for it all...Fall is my favorite time of the year. Im looking forward to all the months a head.

Awwwww great.. Happy Birthday to you again. I wont be impolite and inquire about age. Thats on a voluntary basis
Interview me?? UTOH!..What did I do wrong? Anytime someone wants to ask me questions I always assume Im in some sort of trouble. : (

JgStephan said...
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JgStephan said...

You already had birthday or the day still comes?
If the day already was, then Happy Birthday!!
In Germany it is frowned to congratulate before the birthday, this shall bring bad luck.

I have post my picture "Friday evening", this has cost me overcoming. I writing some entries now and hope nobody apart from you sees the photo...
You know me already from my avatar, the picture here is a little bigger. I am this at my swearing in ceremony. I was a paratrooper(Fallschirmjaeger) and my rank was Jaeger(Jg) at that time.
My first name is Stephan and therefore my Bloggername.

Jen said...

My birthday is on Wenesday October 5th. So no bad luck
If you would rather email the photo instead of posting it that will work too..Im looking for a scary one of myself to send to you..It shouldnt be to hard to find one of

JgStephan said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Jen, Happy Birthday to you.

I wish you all the best Jen!!!

Jen said...

Awwwwww Thank you! That was really sweet and very appreciated : )