Sunday, August 02, 2015

Read, Research, Educate YourSelf

If you were diagnosed with a serious illness you'd seek a second opinion, right? You'd want to hear what another expert said. Maybe someone who specialized in that condition. You'd educate yourself. You'd read books, articles, ask questions. You'd become aware and informed. Wouldn't you? Because why? Because your life is important to you. Because survival is important to you.

So why aren't we doing the same with political candidates for our government? Aren't you concerned about the societal health of your individual self, of your country, of it's people? When we are all reposting memes with little blurbs or sound bytes of supposed quotes from this candidate or that, are we actually taking all these quotes/ideas and blurbs as fact? Why aren't we looking further? Shouldn't we be looking at both sides of an issue and the comment that resulted from it? Because there are always two or more sides to every discussion. Why aren't we looking beyond one news source? Beyond one network or news paper for our information? Why aren't we questioning whether this person is more than just a good public speaker who has hired an excellent speech writer and public image advisors??

I'm glad people are tired of the status quo. I'm happy they want change. But we need to learn from our history. We need to stop being passive/lazy and allowing others to make these decisions about what is best for us and our families lives as though we are children. I didn't sign up to become some stepford citizen. Did you? Dig deeper. Read a damn book or search out information, research. Think, discuss and look beyond your social media website for answers.

We are in this country because a long time ago few people decided they wanted more than to be ruled by a queen. They wanted to create their own society and govern themselves. Do not allow others to take those choices and freedoms that were given to you, from you again. Educate yourself.

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