Thursday, October 19, 2006


Are you one of those people that think Formula One (F1) is BORING?

I am a new fan to Formula One (F1) racing......And truthfully I guess if you had asked me that question this time last year.....I might have agreed with you. I admit I'm still learning my way around this amazing sport..... So I cant tell you all the stats and figures that a long time fan could. What I can tell you is that I love it! I never really saw myself as someone who would get into this kind of thing.......Now I'm totally hooked.

This coming weekends race should send this addiction into overdrive for a number of reasons. Mainly because its the last race of the season..That means every driver will be going all out to win it, making the unpredictability of it all really amazing to watch.

Plus...Its the last race for the former seven time FIA F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher...who will be hanging up his helmet and retiring from F1 for good after this ultimate race. That sports fans will all by itself make this race historic.

Oh and just for the record....... We are cheering for Ferrari (Schumachers team) to win this race and most importantly, the title. Admittedly that's not going to be easy to do, virtually impossible even. After an engine failure last week cost him the race and his championship lead. BUT.... the past has proven that it is never a good idea to write off the legendary multi world champion.

He may need a miracle. Well... it just so happens that I believe in miracles. If anyone can pull this off- its Michael.


(Hope you liked the video) : )

Special Thanks and love to Adrian, for his help with writing, editing and video for this post. And for introducing me to F1.


Adrian said...


Great video- although I dont agree with Scuderias ratings of the crashes- the last one was pretty lame and DEFINITELY not the crash of the millenium.

But this weekends race will definitely kick ass and HOPEFULLY Alonso can add to this crash spectacular list at Interlagos once more and do us all a favour!! : )

Thanks for this!!

Jen said...

I agree with you about the last crash. I think there were even a few others in that video that might have more closely fit that discription.

You never want to see anyone get hurt in a race..But some of those are really amazing to watch. Its hard to imagine anyone could walk away from them.

I would love to see Schumacher win. It would make for an incredible race and a fitting end to an already spectacular career.

Besides Im with you..I think Alonso is an ass.

dreadcow said...

Jen, Jen, Jen...

I'm disappointed in you. Cars going in circles!?

To be totally honest, I can see why people could get into it. It's just not my deal.

Jen said...

Yeahhh...I guess youre right..I should have stuck to watching the over paid guys chasing each other back and forth down a field after a ball. Hey wait..I watch them on occasion too..OH NO! *grin*

To be honest...I never saw myself as someone who would get into this either..But I did..Im hooked.

Besides E..Ive been watching guys going in circles all my life..Its just that so far most of them did so with out a car...
: )

Adrian said...

DREADCOW: Dude- this isnt crappy NASCAR where they drive in circles- these guys have actually heard of (and initiate) a modern marvel known as the right turn. : )


Mamabear said...

Ouch kids. Had to turn it off, could not even watch thru slatted eyes.....I'll take on the boogyman with NO COVERS b4 I could watch those cars explode.

Different strokes

Jen said...

Theres more to it than the crashes. Hope I didnt give you the impression thats all its about. The races themselves are actually pretty fast pace and exciting.

I just thought that video was wild.

exMI said...

I personally would not want to be in one of those cars that gets hit from behind and they guy comes rolling up over you.

But yeah, forumal1 and Grand Prix racing is alot of fun.Watching cars go from 200 mph to 20 and back up again is pretty cool. Especially when it gets dark and you can see the brakes glowing from the heat......

Jen said...

EXACTLY! Its so different from other car races...Its not just a plain circular track..There are actual twists and hairpin turns..

The night race sounds great. Have you ever gotten to see one in person?

I cant wait to see how it all plays out tomorrow with Michael Schumacher. I really like watching him race and Id love to see him end his career with a win tomorrow.

That would be very cool!

ps: I agree with you about some of those crashes. After seeing a few of them you have to wonder how anyone could even walk away from it.

dreadcow said...

NASCAR, F1... it's all the same. Cars going around. Whoopdee doo.

And since we mentioned guys passing a ball down a field... the only sport worth watching anymore is futbol. Not football, FUTBOL. Mainly beacuse the fans are rabid.

Jen said...

Well guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

I personally enjoy watching the sport..and this weekends race was really pretty good.

Didnt end exactly the way I wanted it too..Michael Schumacher came in 4th. But his team mate Massa..won so it still was good.

You dont have to get it..and you dont have to agree..It is what it is.

Mamabear said...

Thank God we are all different. It's great to be energized by something outside of self.

Who knows where yer love of speed will lead?

I enjoy hearing bout it even tho I can't watch.

Saw a news clip a coupla weeks ago where two racers got into a knock down and drag out (he literally dragged the guy out of his car and commenced pounded him into the ground) kinda icky to watch. but, I thought there must be alot of psychology and pacing involveld in such a sport.

Or perhaps they just hate each other. Big egos, big money, high speed and stakes.

Jen said...

I suppose its just like most sports today there is always big money involved to the player..or driver in this case.

And anytime you get into a situation where you are making ungodly amounts of money to play a "game" and then you have commentators and other media..telling you that you that you are basically one step away from God...because of this game you play.. I suppose that leads to over sized egos and a lot of times bad behavior with some individuals.

But its like anything else in the world..Just because you have a few bad apples..doesnt mean everyone associated with a sport is the same way. Its just unfortunate..that a few with bad behavior usually make more news than the others who arent that way.

As for my need for speed. If you want to know the truth..I am constantly teased by my friends about the fact that I drive like a Grandma. I have lost a few friends in car related thats something I think about every single time I get behind the wheel..and I take it rather seriously.

My need for speed or thrill seeking is usually relegated to the occasional visit to an amsusment park or enjoying watching others on TV.

I wouldnt call myself a huge sports fan regardless of the sport..But besides my new interest in F1, I also semi follow..Florida Gators, New England Patriots, Boston Red name a few.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your team, and enjoy the race!

BTW, I like your thunderbolts.

Jen said...

Thank you..I like the bolts too. The race was good. Not as good as I was hoping for..But still good.

exMI said...

Nope never seen one live. I rather expect aht watching on TV might be better as you can see the whole race, not just the cars roaring past your seat.

Adrian said...

EXMI: I thought so too. Until I went to Silverstone in 2004 for the British GP and ou actually witness these amazing technologically advanced cars FLY past you and then hear that roar of the engine a second after. The speed thy carry through corners HAS to be seen to be believed and TV does it no justice at all. : )

Demosthenes said...

This is an opinionated topic, I know, so I'm not reading any comments below the first two that I can see... that way, you know I'm not trying to deliberately step or avoid certain toes.

I actually think F1 is pretty sweet... that said, I detest NASCAR beyond all comprehension. F1 is real racing, with class and with skill. Enough said. I also agree with Adrian- numbers 1 and 2 didn't merit those spots.

Nice post